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Coffee Table Book- White Coat Wizards by The Times of India

8th March, 2019

Insight into Women's health - Awareness program for the women by the women organised by Kalupur Bank

8th December, 2018

Informative Session on Breast Diseases and Importance of Routine Check up - Police Head Quarters-Ahmedabad

"Talk on Breast Diseases and Importance of Routine Check UP and Breast Self Examination" given at Police Head Quarters-Ahmedabad by Dr. Shefali Desai & Dr. Nisha Joshi

16th December, 2018

6th Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon & Cyclothon

6th Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon & Cyclothon

Talk on Cancer Awareness at Nirma University by Dr. Shefali Desai

Informative Talk on Cancer Awareness and Healthy Life style at Nirma University jointly organised by Lions Clubs International and Nirma University

Talk on Breast Diseases - Surgeon's Association, Baroda by Dr. Shefali Desai

Overview on 'Breast Diseases' and Latest Surgical Techniques and Treatment Modalities in Breast Problems - Surgeon's Association, Baroda'by Dr. Shefali Desai

7th April, 2018

Beat Breast Cancer on World Health Day by Dr. Shefali Desai

On the occasion of World Health Day, Udgam and Zebar School for Children along with MYFM 94.3 organized an event “Beat Breast Cancer” at Pandit Deendayal Auditorium on Saturday , 7th April, 2018.

28th March, 2018

Awareness Talk on Breast Problems at Udgam School by Dr. Nisha Joshi

Information on Breast Diseases and Importance of Breast Self Examination and Stress Management in day to day life by Dr. Nisha Joshi organised in association with MyFM 94.3 and Udgam School

Breast Diseases and Importance of Breast Self Examination

5th Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon & Cyclothon

5th Samved Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon & Cyclothon

Awareness Session on Benign & Malignant Breast Diseases for General Practioners, Ahmedabad

" Awareness Programme On Breast Cancer For General Practioners Organised in association with Siddhi Vinayak Hospital On Occasion Of October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Awareness Talk & Training on Breast Self Examination-Dr. Nisha Joshi

SAMVED BREAST CARE CLINIC TEAM IN ASSOCIATION WITH SEWA - Awareness programmes & Training on Breast Self Examination in the Rural and Urban Areas of Ahmedabad.

4th March, 2017

Health Camp

19th February, 2017

Pink Golf Play for a Cause

Pink Golf Play for a Cause - A Talk on Breast Cancer Awareness by Dr. Shefali Desai Organised at Gulmohar Greens on 19/02/2017

4th December, 2016

4th Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon & Cyclothon

THE PINK PARADE - 4th SAMVED BREAST CANCER AWARENESS WALKATHON & CYCLOTHON held on 04/12/2016. Overwhelming response of the Society and Media to Support the Noble Cause to Spread a Word of Breast Cancer Awareness

2nd October, 2016

Breast Diseases & Awareness talks

Free Breast Check ups , Counselling about Breast Diseases & Awareness talks were given at Various Institutes in the Month of October 2016 - in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

3rd June, 2016

Talk on Breast Diseases at Jinagnya yuva group by Dr. Nisha Joshi

A Talk on Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Problems given by Dr. Nisha Joshi on 03rd June 2016 organised by Jinagnya Yuva Group

1st February, 2016

GBM 2016- Ductoscopy guided Microdochectomy by Dr. Shefali Desai

GBM 2016, Gujarat Breast Meet 2016, A talk on Endoscopic Procedure in Breasts – 'Ductoscopy guided Microdochectomy' by Dr. Shefali Desai organised in Feb 2016

13th December, 2015

3rd Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

3rd Samved Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Celebration of PINKTOBER


7th December, 2014

2nd Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walkathon

14th October, 2014

Meeting with Honourable Chief Minister

Meeting with Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel for Health Camps for Periphery women

5th October, 2014

Organised a workshop on Minimally Invasive surgery for breast diseases

Organised a workshop on Minimally Invasive surgery for breast diseases - VAB and Ductoscopy

12th May, 2014

Breast Reconstruction

Article on "Breast Reconstruction" after Breast Cancer Surgery – Published in The Times of India

15th December, 2013

1st Samved Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Breast Cancer Awareness walk organised by Samved Breast Clinic to create awareness on Breast Cancer and Early Detection

1st March, 2013

Workshop on Breast Diseases for FICCI & FLO

Organised Awareness Programme on Breast Diseases for Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)- Foundation of Ladies Organisation (FLO) in March 2013.

1st May, 2009

1st Implant in patient from Yemen

Pioneer to start Breast Prosthesis (Implant) in operated cases of Cancer Breast after Mastectomy in the state of Gujarat (1st Implant done in patient from Yemen in 2009)

Times News Network

Ahmedabad: Jamillah Alaghbari, 48, came all the way from Yemen to Ahmedabad to overcome her psychological and physical complexes that had set in after she got operated for breast cancer some time back. This woman felt inadequate without her breast and therefore, decided to get herself an implant.

“I felt I had lost a significant part of my womanhood. It affected me as much as cancer detection”;, says Jamillah who said that this reconstructive surgery is not offered in her country.

Jamillah underwent radical mastectomy after she was diagnosed with an advance stage of cancer. Dr Shefali Desai of Samved Hospital who heads the breast clinic said that they now get a number of cancer affected women who want a breast implant to fill the place of their organ that had to be surgically removed.

“Earlier, most of women who opted for breast implants were normal women who wanted to alter size of their breasts for cosmetic reason. Now, we get women who are cured of cancer and want their normal selves back”;, said Dr Desai.

Dr Desai said that with younger women being detected with cancer more and more, reconstructive surgery will soon become part of breast cancer treatment. “We however like to wait for chemotherapy and radiation therapy to be over, and the patient to be declared cancer free so that the implants do not interfere with the cancer treatment”, said Dr Desai.

  • Have given several talks on Creating Awareness on Breast Diseases and Problems at several medical and non medical institutes.
  • Have been invited as faculty at several conferences held at different places in Gujarat to deliver expert talks on breast diseases.
  • Have been a pioneer to begin Endoscopy of the Breast (Ductoscopy) and Minimally Invasive surgery of the breast for benign breast problems.
  • Health Expert at “Oo Womaniya”, a health and wellness network for women.
  • Medical Advisor at Nari Purti, Sandesh – An Article on Common Problems of women published every week.