Breast Self Examination

Breast self examination is a primary requirement for all women starting as early as at the age of 20 years

It is easier to self-examine the breasts during bathtime. Because the skin is wet this allows your hands to move about the breasts freely. With fingers straight, put a little pressure and gently run fingers over each breast. Use the left hand to examine the right breast; and the right hand to examine the left breast. Look for lumps and hardening.

Let your arms hang loose to the sides of your body and examine each breast. Then raise your arms above your head. Look for a change in the form and shape of your breasts, natural contour (form); or depression (dimples) in the skin; also look closely for any changes in the nipples. Rest your hands on your hips, tighten up the breast muscles. The right and left breast never appear(look) the same. By examining yourself regularly you will become more experienced in this procedure and will gain greater self- confidence in your examination.

Lie down on your bed, put a pillow or bath towel under your right hand under your hand. This allows for an even distribution of your breast tissue (texture).

With your fingers straight (use your left hand) first run fingers in a circular motion around your right breast, using some pressure.

Imagine your breast as the face of a clock. Starting at the top of the clock, at 12 to 1 hour, press your fingers around this "clock" in a clockwise motion until you come back to the 12 hour mark. It is perfectly normal to feel a firm ridge covered by fatty tissue in the lower part of the breast. Within an inch from the nipple continue examining every part of your breast, including the nipple. Repeat this procedure with your left breast, this time using your right hand; put your left hand under your hand. Notice the texture of each breast.

Softly, squeeze each nipple.

If you notice leking or any discharge, report it to your doctor immediately

Breast self examination is a primary requirement for all women starting as early as at the age of 20 years
  • Most of the breast cancers are detected by women themselves
  • If detected early the disease can be cured by early treatment.
  • It can save your life.
  • Self Examination :
    • Every month after the age of 20 years
  • By a doctor :
    • At 20-40 years of age every 2 years
    • At > 40 years of age every year
  • Breast Examination should be done with the help of pulp of finger in all the areas of Breast.
  • If you are menstruating : 3-4 days after the periods are over
  • If you are menopausal : first day of every month
  • If hysterectomy has been done (uterus has been removed ): ask your doctor the best time.
  • Any change from your normal looks or feel
  • Any dimpling, scar
  • Any thickening or hard knot
  • Any lump in the breast or armpit.
  • Nipple discharge
  • Do not get frightened or alarmed
  • All lumps or hardenings are not cancerous
  • Consult your doctor immediately.